About the Show

"Being who you are by being someone different!"

Queer Dungeoneers aims to create stories through that are implicitly and intrinsically queer in nature that can be enjoyed by everyone. With a focus on improv roleplay and emergent storytelling, we explore themes of power, identity, morality and loss, but mainly we're just here for laughs and a good time.

Sammy (she/her)

Game Master

Hi, I'm Sammy! I'm responsible for this mess. By day I teach game design to university students, but by night I sleep. Somewhere in the middle, I produce Queer Dungeoneers. There's nothing more joyful than weaving the minds of four friends into one story, a story that means a heck of a lot to all of us. I like Pokémon, food, and snakes.


Rate Every Pokémon

no-one has to die.

The Turing Act

Ursula (she / they)

Nimay (she/her)

Heya, I'm Ursula! I've always loved stories and so when I learned about TTRPGs I was instantly in love. You mean I get to be part of the story? Yes please! I'm particularly interested in the ways roleplaying games can allow you to explore and express different parts of yourself, as well as help introverts like us make friends! When I'm not playing druids, I work as an animal attendant at a 24-hour vet, and volunteer at the city zoo.


Scarlett (she / they)

Kremora Magnus (she/her)

Hi! I'm Scarlett. I've been playing TTRPGs regularly since 2015. I like playing magic using types and people with tragic backstories, as will become readily apparent. I spend far too much time making characters and writing things that I'll quickly abandon. Critics have described me as "surprisingly funny" and "vaguely human shaped."

Tori (they / them)

Jolene Jolyne (she/her)

Jarryd (he / him)

Cygnana Cacklecast (he/him)

Patsy (he/him)