Episode 0: Meet the Party

Episode 1: Murderbat

Episode 2: Oh Hot Dam

Episode 3: Two Journeys of Varying Peril

Episode 4: Can We Please Not Call It Scaly Juice

Episode 5: Emotions? In MY Giant Wurm?

Episode 6: Cygnana Begins

Episode 7: Dark Bard

Episode 8: Scaly Bard Rises

Episode 9: Horde of Flaming Zombies

Episode 10: The Tomb Where It Happened

Episode 11: Last Breath

Episode 12: Pick Your Poison

Episode 13: Now Drink It

Episode 14: Another Day, Another Wurm

Episode 15: This is Fine

Episode 16: Vive la RĂ©vomootion

Episode 17: Queer Buccaneers

Episode 18: Box Children

Episode 19: Spoon Wielder

Episode 20: Lightning Wielder

Episode 21: Long Boy

Episode 22: The Talk

Episode 23: Overboard

Episode 24: I'm My Most Useful When I'm Something Else

Episode 25: Snoins

Episode 26: Forbidden Shopping Episode

Episode 27: The Oasis

Episode 28: Thin Red Line

Episode 29: Chekhov's Solution

Episode 30: Home and Away

Episode 31: Dog Problems

Episode 32: Callbat

Episode 33: The Apocalypse Can't Come Soon Enough

Episode 34: Battle of the Nested Rock I - Brumpo Remains Unharmed

Episode 35: Battle of the Nested Rock II - Full Circle

Episode 36: Battle of the Nested Rock III - Letting Go

Episode 37: Battle of the Nested Rock IV - Elements at Rest

Episode 38: Revomootion 2 - Electric Boogamoo

Episode 39: Like Father, Like Swan

Episode 40: No Good Omens

Episode 41: Meat Dragon

Episode 42: New Guy, Old Man

Episode 43: Memento

Episode 44: Snakes on an Airship

Episode 45: Pass the Lightning Charger

Episode 46: Clonkwont Is a Perfectly Reasonable Name

Episode 47: Ode to Hubris

Episode 48: Untethered

Episode 49: Unraveled

Episode 50: Sacred Justice Warrior OWNED by FACTS and LOGIC

Episode 51: Don't Try This At Home

Episode 52: To The Library!

Episode 53: Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Episode 54: Blood Money

Episode 55: Necks On The Line

Episode 56: Mother's Day Special

Episode 57: I Fell In the Pit

Episode 58: Groundhog Gay

Episode 59: The Opposite of a Murder Cult

Episode 60: Ten to One Hundred Thousand Wild Moths

Episode 61: Well, Well, Well

Episode 62: Cloud Strife

Episode 63: Huckleberry Finish Him

Episode 64: Taking the Piss

Episode 65: No Egrets*

Episode 66: The Devil You Know

Episode 67: Hole-y Mole-y

Episode 68: Who Is She

Episode 69: Space Lobster

Lore Zone - On the Gods

Episode 70: Where Is She

Episode 71: Horseless Chaps

Episode 72: Technically a Perilous Journey

Episode 73: I Am Become Crab, Destroyer of Worlds

Episode 74: Unleashed

Episode 75: Snufpremadeh's Very Special Episode

Episode 76: We Are One, But We Are Many

Episode 77: Work Friends

Episode 78: Snakes On An Airship II: Snakenado

Episode 79: Ghost Town

Episode 80: Some Kid With A Knife

Episode 81: Work Fiends