Episode Transcripts

On each episode page you can find the full transcript as an embedded PDF which can be downloaded for offline reading, and an embedded link to the episode on Podbean so you can listen and read along in your browser.

Transcripts will be uploaded as soon as they are available following episode release and we are working hard to make transcripts available for the backlog of episodes soon. We understand transcripts are an important accessibility resource for our listeners with hearing-impairments and sensory processing issues, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, Discord, or Email if you have any issues or suggestions on how we can improve.

NOTE: Since recording, some names and pronouns my have changed. We are working towards re-editing early episodes to reflect this but in the meantime, these names and pronouns supersede what is stated in audio recordings:

    • Sammy (she/her) - Game Master

    • Jarryd (he/him) - Cygnana Cacklecast (he/him), Patsy (he/him)

    • Scarlett (she/her) - Kremora Magnus (she/her)

    • Tori (they/them) - Jolene Jolyne (she/her)

    • Ursula (she/they) - Nimay (she/her)


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