Guest Appearances

Other TTRPG and Queer Dungeoneers-related content our cast has appeared in!

Rate Every Pokémon

"Infallible. Undeniable. Indefatigable."

Sammy's second project where she can express her love of all things Pokémon! With co-host and editor Ange, and producer Aemyn, episodes release daily (!) on Youtube, Facebook and your podcatcher of choice!

But Yeah

UNPAUSE2: Fourteen Rungs of Regretti

Sammy, Scarlett and Ursula jump into an alternate podcasting universe with hosts Aemyn and Zeb. Nim and Kremora, accomanied by the two podcasters return to el casa Cacklecast.

BY3 054a: Snake Questions (with Sammy from Queer Dungeoneers)

Sammy answers spoiler-free questions about Queer Dungeoneers and goofs around with host and friend of the show Aemyn.

BY3 054b: Bonus Spoiler Zone (with Sammy & Ursula from Queer Dungeoneers)

Ursula arrives for the second part of interview with Aemyn to discuss spoilers for up to around episode 13.

The Beholder's Eye

The Abyss Stares Back

Ursula joins Andrew, Kari and Kenny of the Beholder's Eye crew for a sci-fi horror miniseries using the PbtA system Impulse Drive.

WiGM Special : This is a Sad House Where Ghosts Live Vol. 1

WiGM Special : This is a Sad House Where Ghosts Live Vol. 2

Ursula joins GM Andrew, Kari and Michelle, and, as well as Amanda (Dungeon Masters Test Kitchen), for a game of This Is A Sad Place, Where Ghosts Live by Ursidice.

Dungeons and Queers

DAQ and QD - An Interview

Sammy and Sophie of Dungeons and Queers sit down to discuss GMing, queer rep, theme and tone in actual-play podcasts.

International Podcast Month


S2E6 - RPG: Journey Away

Ursula joins GM Robin (Not Joanna Eggs), Charlotte (Tabletop Potluck) and Therin (The Orc Zone) in a game of Journey Away.

S2E42 - RPG: Ryuutama - Pajama Dragon

Sammy joins GM Xander (Heart Beats: A Heart Warming Fantasy ), Yubi (The Mortal Path) and Zack (Heart Points) in a game of Ryuutama.

S2E52 - AD: Queer Dungeoneers - Masks: The Moon Hunter

Written and performed by Ursula, set after the Masks: A New Generation homegame which brought the QD cast together. Also appears in our feed.


S3E8 - RPG: Mission Accomplished!

Sammy joins GM Rhi (The Magpies), Ryan (Character Creation Cast), Kyle (Prism Pals) and Kyle (Quest Friends) in a game of Mission: Acomplished!

S3E19 - RPG: Descent Into Midnight - Giants of the Waste

Ursula joins GM Richard (designer, Descent Into Midnight), Matt (Stories of a Broken Sun) and Waffles (The Magpies) in a Descent Into Midnight one-shot

One Letter Better

Rat Louse

Fight Bale

Sammy and Ursula join friend of the show Aemyn Connelly for a series of pun-filled word games.

Prism Pals

Pride Week 2019:

Yellow/Vitality - The New Paranormal

Third installment in the Pride Flag series, part of the Pride Week event. Sammy and Ursula play This is a Sad Place, Where Ghosts Live Appears in the QD feed.

Thief Among Us

Sammy joins GM Russ (Prism Pals), Franklin (Queer for Adventure), Aram (Rise of the Demigods), and Matt (Queens of Adventure) in a 5e one-shot for the Pride Week finale.

Pride Week 2020:

Orange/Healing - Through the Glass Veil

Second installment in the Pride Flag series, part of the Pride Week event. Ursula GMs a game of Dust Wardens for Sammy, Scarlett and Tori. Appears in the QD feed.

Magical Gays and the Godling

Ursula joins GM Russ (Prism Pals), Unika (Dicey Amazons), Mckenzie (Rise of the Demigods), Noa (Tabletop Potluck), Amr (The Musafirs) and Derry (Dice Will Roll) in a game of Magic and Mischief for the Pride Month finale.

Pride Week 2020: Family Game Night part 2

Sammy and Ursula join Russ, Kyle, Sam, and Mariam at 1:25:04 to wrap up Pride Week with some Jackbox shenanigans. For some reason they let us talk a lot about kumquats??

Quest Friends

The Cookie Con feat. Queer Dungeoneers, Part 1

The Cookie Con feat Queer Dungeoneers, Part 2

Ursula and Scarlett as cookie theives Chance and Velestel go head-to-head with Olivia and Cassidy as Hanalore and Eraf, in this two-part episode of Quest Friends: The Cookie Crew. PTO meetings, car chases, and redistribution of cookies, what's not to love?!

Team Asterous

Unmistakable Tales #01: Voyage of the SS Destiny

Ever thought nothing could get more ridiculous than QD? Think again. Sammy and Ursula join Aemyn, Ange and Jasper of Team Asterous to perform a hastily written script, typos and all.