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An actual-play podcast about being who you are being someone different.

Queer Dungeoneers is a weekly Dungeon World actual-play podcast with well-edited, 30 minute episodes. The show is built on improvisation and collaborative storytelling, and together the players have wound a tale of the fantastical. Queer Dungeoneers ranges from the strange to the sincere, with episodes containing equal parts humour and goofing, and engaging character development and world building. As we make a slow move into the final parts of the first season, the improvisational nature of the show means we're just as excited to see how things will pan out as our listeners are.

"This Australia based show is really freaking funny and exceptionally queer. It's dungeons, dragons, and rainbows and is one of the most joyous experiences your ears will ever have."

- Kristina Manente of Syfy Wire

"The episodes aren’t that much shorter than regular actual play episodes – typically about 30-35 minutes compared to the usual 45 – but the complete joy that the players have makes them feel like maybe five or ten minutes."

- The Podcast Dragon

"While Queer Dungeoneers never shies away from lore-heavy, emotional plot lines, humor is its true heart. It’s clear from the get- go that GM Sammy has gathered a group of friends who [they] have been playing with for a long time, and none of them are shy about wreaking havoc when it seems fun."

- Alenka of SideQuest

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Cast members:

Sammy Madafiglio, game master

Jarryd Vargas, player of Cygnana Cacklecast and Patsy

Scarlett Barker, player of Kremora Magnus

Tori Zhao, player of Jolene Jolyne

Ursula Huxtable, player of Nimay

Character images by Tori Zhao: